Tech Support

Or join via
Meeting ID: 885 1029 8063
Passcode: 800123

Time Till Start of Workshop








Zoom Upgrade Available

Zoom does not update automatically. You do NOT need to upgrade to participate in the workshop. However, new features (highlight panel discussion) may make the meeting more consumable. It only takes 60 seconds to upgrade.

Here’s the link that tells you how to do it.

Remind Yourself!

The links below allow you to add the workshop to your calendar so that you will be reminded.

Add to Outlook Calendar

Add to Google Calendar

Organizing the Chat

Question to Panel
Send question in chat to “AA Panel Questions”.

Request Sober Help / Info
Send chat to “AA Need Help Now”

Please Reserve the Chat Room for these communications.

Workshop Anonymity

To preserve your anonymity, you can rename yourself.

You can find rename in 2 places.

Find yourself in the Participant list → Right click → More → Rename

Hover over your image. In the upper right ••• will appear
→ Right Click → Rename